Maple syrup bucket: essential equipment

line of maple syrup buckets on trees

Making your own maple syrup is fun and easy to do, especially while you’re spending some time at home during a cold winter. The project (which might just become a hobby for you) all starts with the right supplies. So let’s tap into the world of making maple syrup and explore your maple syrup bucket … Read more

Maple tree tapping supplies

Are you in Lockdown right now, stuck with a bit of cabin fever and looking for a new hobby to add to your quarantine bucket list? If you’re tired of making banana bread and sourdough bread, I have the perfect cure for the winter blues. You need to make maple syrup at home. It’s easier … Read more

Best maple tree tap kit

maple tree tap

Looking for the best maple tree tap kit to make maple syrup at home? This article will review some of the most popular options, so you can choose the best one and get started making maple syrup from the trees in your own backyard. Picking the best maple tree tap kit: considering the options There are three main … Read more