2019 Maple Sap Summary

When is the best time to tap a maple tree in Southeastern Pennsylvania? That was my number one question when I first decided to get started in this hobby. When do you put the tap in the tree? Unfortunately, when I searched around, all I found about the topic was general advice. General advice Most … Read more

Big days for sap collection

The weather has been amazing for collecting sap. Sunday, the temperature went from the 20s to the 40s. Like the obsessed psychopath that I am, I checked the taps every few hours to look for sap dripping. When I first tapped the tree, I could literally see the sap dripping. On Monday, the temperature got … Read more

First sweet taste

Report on day 3. You can find Day 1 and Day 2 here. Well, the temperature dropped quickly yesterday. It was 38 degrees Fahrenheit at 11 am and was 24 by 4:30 pm. That stopped the sap from running in tree # 2 (tree # 1 never got started). So I collected the sap to … Read more