Big days for sap collection

The weather has been amazing for collecting sap.

Sunday, the temperature went from the 20s to the 40s. Like the obsessed psychopath that I am, I checked the taps every few hours to look for sap dripping.

When I first tapped the tree, I could literally see the sap dripping.

On Monday, the temperature got into the 50s.  I got home from work and checked the taps again, and was crestfallen to see that the sap wasn’t dripping out of the tap.

However, when I checked the buckets, they had sap!!!

Tree #1 just had a really small amount. I didn’t bother to measure it, but it was probably 1-2 cups.

Tree # 2, on the other hand, produced 3 gallons of sap!!!

Check this out!


Sweet, sweet victory.

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