Best maple tree tap kit

Looking for the best maple tree tap kit to make maple syrup at home?

This article will review some of the most popular options, so you can choose the best one and get started making maple syrup from the trees in your own backyard.

Picking the best maple tree tap kit: considering the options

There are three main designs to consider when picking the best maple tree tap to get started with sugaring.

Each design tends to have a few options for you to customize your setup.

Let’s get started with the original.

Is this what you picture, when you think about collecting sap to make maple syrup?

maple syrup taps


Spile style maple tree tap kits

The option that probably comes to mind first is a spiles kit. The iconic image that comes to most is of metal buckets hanging from trees, like in the image just above.

Most of the spile tap kits come with metal spiles, like the one shown below:

old fashioned maple syrup spile

The spile is generally made from stainless steel–because it has to tough.

They are engineered to hold a hook in place against the trunk of the tree. The hook fits into a reinforced pail that is either made of aluminum or plastic.

Aluminum pail

Plastic pail

plastic pails for maple tapping

The aluminum pail kit comes with:


metal bucket starter maple tap kit

The plastic pail kit comes with:


maple syrup tapping kit for home with plastic bucketsPros

The iconic look and simplicity here will take you back to more gentle times. The design hasn’t changed for many, many years–because it works!


The design for these maple tapping kits hasn’t changed in a long, long time.  Because the design is a bit older and since the spile has to be able to hold the weight of a pail full of sap, this design has the largest diameter spiles (taps).

Large taps mean large holes in the tree. Larger holes mean larger wounds, which means more stress for the tree.

Tubing kit for tapping maple trees

The next maple tree tap kit option is called the tubing kit.

best maple tree tap kit

These kits come with a lower-profile, generally plastic tap that sends the sap down a plastic tube to the collection bucket.

Like this:

tap in maple tree at home

Your options

Number of Taps

The first and most obvious way all of these maple tapping kits differ is in the number of taps in each kit.

Length of drop line

The next thing you have to decide is how long you want the drop line to be–will you be connecting this tube to a series of tubes or will you be dropping it to a bucket at the base of the tree?

If you plan to drop the line to a bucket, you probably want a 3-foot drop line. If you plan to daisy-chain your trees, you can probably deal with the 2-foot drop line.

Other accessories
Drill bit

Some kits come with a drill bit, so you know you have exactly the right size for your taps (generally 5/16 inch).

drill bit

Maple syrup filters

Some kits come with filters so that you can remove particles from your sap (wood shavings, dirt, bugs, twigs).

maple syrup filter

Getting started guide

Most of the kits have a short pamphlet that describes the basics, to help you get started.


This kit has everything you need to start making maple syrup at home, except for the containers to collect all the sap you’re going to get.

The taps included in this kit are smaller in diameter than the old-school spiles, which means it will create a smaller wound in the tree–which is a good thing for the tree.

The drop lines attached to the tap make it nice and easy to collect the sap.

10 taps and drop lines should be enough to tap a bunch of trees.


Really, the only major con I can think of, for this kit, is that you have to supply your own buckets or containers to collect the sap in.

One minor con to consider is the price. Considering this kit is mostly plastic pieces, it can seem a bit pricey, but the cost is within the normal range of the kits available online.

Sap bags

The next maple tree tap kit option is called the sap bags kit. This is what it looks like on your tree:

beginner tapping kit with bags

This is more like what the kit looks like online:

sugarbush brand tapping kit for maple tree sap

Rather than running the sap into a bucket, these kits direct the sap into a bag.

There is the metal clamp option shown above, and a PVC-tube option shown below, here:

pvc model tapping kit

The concept is still quite similar. You drill a hole in the tree and insert your tap. Instead of hanging a bucket on the spile or putting a drop line into a bucket on the ground, the sap fills up in bags that hang down the side.

Pretty cool.


This kit is the ultimate in convenience. You don’t have to worry about sanitizing buckets, the sap fills up in those disposable bags.


You will have to buy and replace bags, as you go.

Best maple tree tap kit value

In my opinion, the best maple tree tap kit value is

this one

It has almost everything you need to get started making your own maple syrup at home. The only things missing are a few supplies you probably already have around the house (drill bit and plastic containers).

Best all-inclusive maple tree tap kit

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a kit that literally has everything you need, check out

this one

It costs a little bit more, but you will have everything you need AND you are going to look like a PRO.

What do you think?

Please leave a comment below if you have experience with any of the kits listed above.

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