2022 Maple Syrup Harvesting Season in Pennsylvania

2022 Maple Syrup Season in Pennsylvania

I’m so excited to be getting ready for the 2022 maple syrup harvesting season in Pennsylvania. This will be my third year of collecting sap from the Silver Maple trees in my backyard. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and Allentown. I don’t own a sugarbush yet, but I am fortunate that I have a pretty old and established Maple tree in my yard.

The maple syrup you will find in the store was probably made from the sap of the Sugar Maple, but like me, you can make syrup from the sap of any maple–and even some other non-maple trees.

My plan for 2022

This year, my plan is to get out of the gate early and try to be on the earlier side of things. That’s a direct response to the poor season I had last year, where I started way, way too late.

You can read about 2021 here

or see the bumper year I had in 2019 here

But based on some analysis I did during the Fall of 2021, I believe the data and evidence suggest that it is much better to be early than late with this hobby. I used to think that the tap holes “dried up”, or perhaps more accurately, healed-up, causing them to stop after a 6-8 week period, but what I found in my research is that the phenomenon appears to be caused by bacterial growth plugging up the hole–and those bacteria reproduce more quickly when it’s warm out.

So the risk is greater on the back-end of the season…at least in theory. Time, and this article will tell whether my guess is better this year.

What you will find in this article

I will share my preparations and planning in the pre-season here, convert over to a weekly journal-style blog entry, just like in 2021 and then recap for you all at the end of the year, with total yields and analysis of the data.

Some other helpful resources

If you want to learn more about what type of gear you need to get started making maple syrup at home, check out this article here.

If you’re getting ready for the 2022 season, please leave a comment below and let me know where you live and what your plan is. Thanks!






2022 Maple Syrup Season in Pennsylvania

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